Updated 29 October 2017

Deco Spirits by Mirabilia 09.29.2014
Started 6.22.2014

Fantasy Sampler by Teresa Wentzler 10.15.2007
Started 1999

Enchanter by Teresa Wentzler
Started 2002

Fortunate Traveler by Teresa Wentzler 3.27.2007
Started 2005

Celestial Dragon by Teresa Wentzler 1.4.2007
Started 12.30.2002

Desert Sunrise II by Fireside Originals 09-26-2017
Started 21 July 2015

Freshwater Pearls by DMC 08 Nov 2017
Started 2002

Chinese Dragon by Pinn Designs 12.06.2014
Started 2.2007
Adopted works

Desert Mandala by Chatelaine

Mystery II by Chatelaine

Russian Fairy Tales by Joan Thomasson

Happily Ever After

Not pictured because they have their own tabs:

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